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Exchange Party :: A party idea!

Many a times, especially on Friday's we start thinking what to do this weekend? Also, for a change you don't want to go out and visit some place or see a movie or eat in a restaurants.. so what new can be done? I came across a party idea and thought if done as a weekend parties that will be a great fun. Continue, reading on for your upcoming weekend idea....! We will call it as an "Exchange Party". Decide on a few friends to get-together at some one's residence. The rule of the game is, each one will come along with few things, which he/she will be happy to exchange with some thing else. Those things could be anything like, books, CDs/DVDs, any old gadets .. could be really anything. It would be good if everyone gets the same number of items. Once everyone gathers together, each one of you one by one, will first show the things that you have got with you and then on a lucky draw basis one person starts with the offer saying " I would like to offer Sam my old Flash Drive in exchange of his original game (CD) of War Craft II". Now, others get an opportunity to counter that offer (auction) by offering different things for that "War Craft II" CD and at some place Sam would take a decision and that item then is considered as Exchanged! and then that item can be considered as out of the game or out of the first round at the least. If Sam does not agree with anything, then others starts offering their stuff to the first person in exchange of Flash Drive. Once either of these items are exchanged, this can be continued (conduct another lucky draw and find the next person) and enjoy your party game. During this exchange party, some items will be exchanged, some may not. There is no reason to keep the rules of this exchange-party very rigid, you may tweak some rules to make it more enjoyable like, you may reward the first person who exchanges all his/her items first and so on. Along with this activity, you may have some snacking and music at the background to add some more fun. This weekend gathering can turn out to be a really useful event as well, as people keep exchanging their stuff and enjoy the time together as well. Happy Weekends!
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Managing Challenging Surprises at the Party - "Power (electricity) cuts"

This is common in India (presumably in many other developing nations as well), where there could be a sudden power/electricity cut and you have your music system, lights etc put off. This will have larger impact if the event is during the night. Imagine that your guests are really enjoying on the dance floor with a favorite dance number and suddenly music stops working due to power cut...Or, dinner being served and there is absolute darkness due to power outage...? To avoid any big hassles during the party, such situations should be planned well in advance. First thing you may want to do is to announce your guests to be seated or in their place to avoid any collisions (especially children if they are around) and then move on to arrange for a backup.  A simple (but costly, may be) thing to do is to rent out some generator set to back up the power. Alternatively, If its a small event then be ready with battery operated music systems and a few emergency lights. I would suggest you to avoid use of candles as this option is prone to accidents and if not handled carefully, can cause major chaos. It will be a good idea to keep the batteries and emergency lamps at an easily accessible area so that can be approached in the event of power cuts. (Remember, your cell phones can also act as first aid to reach to the emergency lamp)  Also, decide in advance where you would mount the emergency lights if there is no electricity in the party hall. If its an important event where electricity is really an important aspect of your party, then it may be worth calling up the electricity board (service provider) to check up their schedule of power outage. Happy Parting!
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Every party is an opportunity

I come across many people who have several excuses for not attending a celebration. "I am tiered", "I am busy doing some important work", "I don't like the food they serve", "I don't have appropriate attire", "I am shy", "It's not my kind", "I don't know may people there, so will be bored" on and on, the excuses could be endless.... On the other hand, appropriate celebration, partying and fun in fact is proved to be healthy and successful way of life. If you take a look at any successful individuals, then you will find that one of the commonality in all of them is that they are socially outgoing. Therefore I am also of the opinion that every invitation of any celebration you receive is actually an Opportunity to be healthy and successful. In a party, you may have witnessed many guests exchanging numbers and deciding on next meeting to explore some possible business relationship, thus meeting people at some social event is also beneficial to your professional life. Moreover, many psychologist recommend to get out and socialize as it is beneficial to your health. We humans are social creatures and partying and socializing improves us. Thus, treat every party invitation as an opportunity to boost your overall life. Happy partying......
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