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How to arrange an effective "Corporate-team lunch" party

Many a times when it's a birthday celebration of a colleague or a successful completion of an assignment, we demand for a celebration! And 9 out of 10 times we end up going for a TEAM LUNCH. It indeed is a great fun to lunch together as a team as it opens up a lot of opportunities to know your colleagues better and in a way it adds to your team building efforts.

Today, I am writing about how to get fullest of this opportunity of team lunch and how to make it one of the best team gatherings!

Ensure close to 100% attendance:
The team lunch can be a great success if you as a host manage to get all 100% of your team's presence. If you notice few people may drop out of the party for various reasons some of them could be - -Don't like the venue. (due to ambiance, cost of food, location, long travel etc)
-Few verities of food you would prefer (few options of veg or non-veg food)
-Fasting on that day
-Overloaded due to project work and no extra time to spend for lunch
The reasons could be endless. But what if you consider their preference in advance? If you have got a team bigger than 15 members then I would strongly recommend you the use of "Corporate Party Planner" on As this planner with the help of its voting tool, enables you to shortlist the place, which everyone (majority) in your team will love. It will also be able to find out the most preferred date for the team lunch (as few people may be fasting, absent etc). Besides this it will also enable you to find food preferences of the members as in how many vegetarians, non-vegetarians etc. By doing this, you would eliminate majority of the reasons to NOT join the party!
Ensure everyone enjoys the food and no surprises when you pay the bill:
I would suggest that using the "Explore" option of you can search for various venues listed on the web portal. This option enables you to see through the details of the venue like the Menu card, price list etc. So tentatively you can pre-decide the menu and you also know in advance how much would it cost?
Save Time:
Because you can see all the details of the shortlisted venue right from the office, you can decide the menu in advance and call the restaurant, place the order and book the table. This will save a LOT of your time which is equally important as it's during working hours.
Seating Arrangements:
It will be great to have a round table, but generally its difficult to get one during busy business hours. However, you as a host ensure that team members who interact the least in the working environment seat closer to each others while lunching as it will give them an easy opportunity to speak up and develop a bond. The host need not seat at the main chair of the table, I would rather recommend that host should take up a central position in the table so that you can communicate with everyone and also pay attention to the people while they lunch.
Create the Atmosphere:
The host of the team (generally the team lead) is suggested to occupy the central seating location, to help every team member speak-up and interact during the lunch. If the host decides in advance a handfuls (light) of subjects to discuss during the lunch it will also enable all members to interact. The subjects could be "next event or party of the team and taking team's suggestions (especially the ones who speak or interact the less", "good words about the current occasion why are you celebrating and asking what people feel about it", "It can be a great occasion to announce some thing new and interesting-a pleasant surprise". "talks about the place where you are dinning" etc.
Avoid following... 1] Any one of the team members being cornered more than required as "leg pulling" by others. 2] More than required comments about anyone's eating habits. 3] Team members attending too many mobile phone calls. 3] heated-up debates. 4] Discussion about a sports activity OR Sports Team, which only few members of your group would be interested in. etc. Basically try to make each one of them comfortable so that they love to go out as a team the next time. THE LEADER'S role is really important as a catalyst in making all above happen effortlessly.
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How to spend your money wisely while planning an event or party? - Selecting a Venue.

Here I would share with you how to spend your money "wisely" while planning any event or party for the friends and/or family, so that it has optimum impact to make your event the most successful. Having a fun filled party does not necessarily mean you need to spend a lot, but actually means you need to "Plan" wisely. This will be a series of articles in my blog, to start with I am writing about "Selecting venue". Read through and you will notice that these tips are simple to follow and can really work while planning a great program or a family function.

Venue :- If you are planning a small get together it would be always preferred to plan it at someone's or mostly host's residence. This has several advantages, the first being the venue is free of cost and it will be lot easier for you to arrange the required things for the party as most of them would be available in your house.

If you are expecting a considerable number of guests and do not want to host it at your residence then try to see if you can host the party in the parking area / Common Terrace of your building/society etc. In this case again, it will be free, but may involve some additional coordination, arrangements and approvals from others. However, this can turn out to be another good place as it will be free and big as well.

Many a times, if its an off-season for marriages then marriage halls can be another good option, as they can provide you a portion of their premises at a lower cost because their premises is any way not being utilized.

Some restaurants have party halls and if you opt for their food services, then they can provide you the party hall at no extra cost (complimentary). So, you may want to explore this option as well.

If the get-together or party does not have too many infrastructure related needs then you may also get-together in a public/country park or gardens. Such places again will be free of cost and plus close to natural beauty and thus can turn out to be great fun place.

Theme parties are a buzz these days, and there are number of theme restaurants or parks around the town. If you can cut a deal with them by negotiating a per head cost then these theme park/restaurants can take care of your food and fun and you will have no extra overheads of the party planning.

Also, its worth noting a point that if your event is not tied to a particular date, then you can consider conducting a gathering on a Weekday evening. Generally, if you plan the event on a weekend it would cost you more as most of the entertainment related service providers have higher service charges over weekend due to demand of service. This applies to the party-venues as well. Therefore wherever possible try to plan your events on working days during the evening time.

Beach or Lake side parties - These places can be superb fun places for parties. If its not a hot or sunny days of the year then head for the beach with your pals, plan a birthday, get-together, graduation parties - actually any kind of celebration fares well near an ocean or a lake. While planning such a party, you may want to check the regulations at your favorite lake or ocean side. Please take extra care because there is potential for water-related accidents in this case. A lake or ocean side parties can turn out to be a great fun because you really don't need to spend on decoration, the nature herself is at your service to fill your party with a great ambiance!

Happy Parting!!
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