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Dandiya Night for your Building or Society.

Folks, This is that time of the year, when everyone is gearing up for the festive season in India. Right now its Navaratri and I would like to share with you some party tips of how well can you plan a Dandiya Night for your building or society.
Here I am not providing you the step wise event planning instructions but want to share you the most important characteristics. Other aspects of the event like budgeting, Food menu etc I presume you would be doing any ways...
First of all find out 2-3 volunteers in the building who are enthusiastic enough for such an event. Quickly get together and plan out the following characteristics of the event....
1.Venue - Most likely venues could be Parking or Terrace or street in front of your society or building. If you have got a community hall or a society garden that would be an ideal one. I would suggest an open to sky venue.
2.Theme - Creating the energy with a theme can make the difference between the ordinary gathering and a spectacular event, a theme puts the people in the mood and helps to keep the guests involved. Your theme can involve asking people to dress in costumes geared to the theme. Any theme is a good theme as long as it fits your crowd.
3.Select a Day (night) - mostly it should be a Friday or Saturday night so that everyone can enjoy the party until late in the night. Also check likelihood of people fasting on that day, so that food arrangement should be made accordingly. Party ideally should start at around 8.30PM, which is good enough time for everyone to come from office/work get ready and join the party.
4.Find a good speaker / Anchor for your program - This is a key person, who will make your party a real happening and will make the right ambiance. You may have one such person in your neighborhood but if you do not find one, do not hesitate to call some one outsider whom any one of you may know as a professional and any other volunteer may join that professional as a co-anchor.
5.Seating arrangement - Always have fewer chairs than the guest (have just 25 to 50% of the guests). This keeps your guest moving and the energy flowing as they mingle and circulate.
6.Fun and interesting Activities during the event - Since this is a good time to know and interact with each one of your neighbors, i would suggest that first activity should be an "Ice Breaker". In this activity Anchor invites each family with all members (assuming that there are not too many :) ) and one family member (normally the head of the family) introduces the whole family. If you all already know your building members and families, then this activity can be used to know more about latest happy moments of each family like, new or planned marriages, new birth, new graduation, business or career progress etc....During this time Anchor should be a fun making one to keep the audience involved and happy with high energy... Besides, these there could be other number of activities or events that can be planned to make the party happening.
7.Guest Involvement - Give your guest opportunities to participate in the festivities. Have games, quizzes or give away prizes for the best costume or best dancer. It does not really matter as long as its fun and easy. Most people will get involved if you make games and activities available for them while others enjoy watching and cheering for the winners. Engaging Your guests help keep the energy of the party going....
8.Music - This is another key component of your party, each activity should have some sort of background music, so make a music track collection exclusively for this event. Besides, there should be number of dedicated tracks available which you will use for the "Dandiya Ras".
9.Dance Area - Get your guests dancing by creating a dance area. When you set aside an area specifically for dancing, people will use it. The dance area should not be so large that it intimidating. People will join the dancing if the dance floor is crowded. Don't worry - People will dance on the perimeter of the dance floor, whether its grass, carpet or concrete.
10.Awards in the middle of dancing- Every 15 or 30 minutes, have the Anchor call out a question that pertains to the guest at your party, such as : "Who's the youngest here?" "Who's got the Wife's photo in his pocket/purse?" etc etc...Have the Anchor award a prize to each winner.
11.Be considerate: While partying be considerate to your surroundings.
12.Post party : After a good party, all volunteers deserve to have a small dinner celebration, to pat your own back and yes share the photographs and party video with the guests.
Happy Partying!!
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Magic Birthday Party for kids

Start with the Invitation:
Black top hat with removable bunny popping up out of it. For your magic birthday party invitations, write the party details on white cutouts of a rabbit. Cut out a black hat and make a slit in the hat into which the rabbit "disappears." Leave the rabbit's ears showing, and let the kids pull the rabbits out of the hats to read the invitations. Creatively, you can write the magic party details with white crayon on white cutout of rabbit to make the invitations appear blank. Include a color crayon with each invitation, and tell the guests to color over the paper to magically reveal the party details. Alternatively, you can purchase invisible felt-tip pen sets from vendor. Write the party details on white rabbit with invisible ink. With each invitation, enclose a pen that makes the invisible writing appear. Tell the guests to color over the invitations to read the surprise information.
In invitation, You can include a magic trick for each to be rehearsed and performed during the party.
Drinks Cake and Food
Magic Colourful Punch: Before magic party, freeze several flavors of juices (raspberry, lemon, grape, orange, etc.) in ice cube trays. Fill trays half-full so more ice cubes can fit in glasses.
At party time, place several ice cubes of various colours into tall glasses. Pour clear soda or juice over the ice cubes. Children will love watching drink transforming in colour before their eyes.
Cake:Order a bunny shaped cake from a cake shop. Serve chips or other snacks in plastic top hats
Abracadabra Sandwiches: Make rabbit-shaped sandwiches using a cookie cutter. Fill with the kids' favorite spreads.
Fortune Cookies (with surprises inside)
Black and white balloons and tableware. You can take one of the decoration services from the listed vendors. Create signs that say "Abracadabra", "Khulza Sim Sim" and other magic words. Then put them on the walls or doors or windows to mark the party place. Play mystique music in the background.
Games And Activities:
Magic Jelly Chocolates: Before the magic birthday party, fill the jars with white, red and black jelly chocolates. (Count and write down the total number of jelly chocolate before putting them into the jar.)
At game time, have the kids take guesses how many jelly chocolate are in the jar. Write each child's guess. At the end of the activity, announce the correct number. The person who guessed the closest to the number wins the jar with magic jelly chocolate. Disappearing Kids
Race using teams: Give each a roll of toilet paper and have them completely cover one team member. First team done wins.
Hire a magician or let the kids perform small tricks. Dress up a 'stage' area for effect.
Goodie Bag of Return gifts:
Add simple magic tricks, cards, small book on magic tricks. Check out these vendors may have it.
Have a great fun party!!
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Exchange Party :: A party idea!

Many a times, especially on Friday's we start thinking what to do this weekend? Also, for a change you don't want to go out and visit some place or see a movie or eat in a restaurants.. so what new can be done? I came across a party idea and thought if done as a weekend parties that will be a great fun. Continue, reading on for your upcoming weekend idea....! We will call it as an "Exchange Party". Decide on a few friends to get-together at some one's residence. The rule of the game is, each one will come along with few things, which he/she will be happy to exchange with some thing else. Those things could be anything like, books, CDs/DVDs, any old gadets .. could be really anything. It would be good if everyone gets the same number of items. Once everyone gathers together, each one of you one by one, will first show the things that you have got with you and then on a lucky draw basis one person starts with the offer saying " I would like to offer Sam my old Flash Drive in exchange of his original game (CD) of War Craft II". Now, others get an opportunity to counter that offer (auction) by offering different things for that "War Craft II" CD and at some place Sam would take a decision and that item then is considered as Exchanged! and then that item can be considered as out of the game or out of the first round at the least. If Sam does not agree with anything, then others starts offering their stuff to the first person in exchange of Flash Drive. Once either of these items are exchanged, this can be continued (conduct another lucky draw and find the next person) and enjoy your party game. During this exchange party, some items will be exchanged, some may not. There is no reason to keep the rules of this exchange-party very rigid, you may tweak some rules to make it more enjoyable like, you may reward the first person who exchanges all his/her items first and so on. Along with this activity, you may have some snacking and music at the background to add some more fun. This weekend gathering can turn out to be a really useful event as well, as people keep exchanging their stuff and enjoy the time together as well. Happy Weekends!
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Every party is an opportunity

I come across many people who have several excuses for not attending a celebration. "I am tiered", "I am busy doing some important work", "I don't like the food they serve", "I don't have appropriate attire", "I am shy", "It's not my kind", "I don't know may people there, so will be bored" on and on, the excuses could be endless.... On the other hand, appropriate celebration, partying and fun in fact is proved to be healthy and successful way of life. If you take a look at any successful individuals, then you will find that one of the commonality in all of them is that they are socially outgoing. Therefore I am also of the opinion that every invitation of any celebration you receive is actually an Opportunity to be healthy and successful. In a party, you may have witnessed many guests exchanging numbers and deciding on next meeting to explore some possible business relationship, thus meeting people at some social event is also beneficial to your professional life. Moreover, many psychologist recommend to get out and socialize as it is beneficial to your health. We humans are social creatures and partying and socializing improves us. Thus, treat every party invitation as an opportunity to boost your overall life. Happy partying......
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