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Perfect Monsoon Getaway for a day....THOSEGHAR!!!

Folks, let me write today about one of the most perfect places around our town (Pune). My last visit at Thoseghar (on last weekend) was just picture perfect!!... read on friends, if you truly want to enjoy the monsoon and nature at its best!!!

During the Monsoon season, as soon as the rain starts pouring in, the mind starts wandering about the places where nature is at its best. If your mind is wandering into Clean Lake, dark woods, mountains and waterfall then Thoseghar near Satara town is the place to be! This place is just one of the best creations of mother nature as it has not one or two but number of waterfalls, dense forest, mountains and clean lake all at one place!

From Pune you need to get going on the Pune-Satara National highway from Satara take a route towards Chalkewadi. Around 24 KM from Chalkewadi you will be at this heaven-like place. The drive from Satara to Chalkewadi to Thoseghar itself is so beautiful that i guarantee you will at least halt once to admire the beauty of the nature.

When you reach at Chalkewadi you will find Thoseghar as sign posted. Around 1 km from Chalkewadi is the most exciting tourist spot of waterfall. To get down to the water falls and to be able to get the best view, you will need to get down around 15-20 steps and then you see 2 water falls, one around 15 meters high and the other around 500 meters! This view will surely stunned you.

But what's the fun if you come only to see it... folks, you need to get wet and for that you have to take a quick trek towards the small waterfall and enjoy the tremendous force of falling water. If you are real adventure loving person then you won't stop here, your mind will force you to go to the next big fall (500 meter). But for that, you will have to go through Chalkewadi and take a trip around the Thoseghar Lake of 1km (of course on your legs :) ) and reach to that giant waterfall.

Cold weather, Quiet woods, few birds singing and the sound of waterfall, just make it a perfect place to visit during monsoon!

One more attraction nearly 8KM from this spot is the wind-mills farm, where there are more than 100 wind-mills. Nature lovers would enjoy this place more as just beyond this place there is an astonishing view of Koyana Valley! While enjoying the rains, forest, winds, waterfalls you can have local "Maharashtrian" food. This is just a perfect 1 day trip during monsoon which I strongly recommend!

Click here to see photographs and gain more information about the routes etc about Thoseghar! Enjoy Monsoon!!!
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Monsoon ..? Here is a series of articles on .. how to enjoy it ?

Folks, Much awaited and much needed monsoon has finally arrived every where in the country. You see folks, this is the only season, which people really or badly wait for or look forward to.... I haven't heard people saying we are waiting for summers or winters that often?... So there is something in this season, which is certainly much needed and remarkably different than other seasons. Rains mean a LOT to us, as it gives birth to new life cycle and needless to say its very important for all the living beings to survive for the rest of the year..... I see many people around who gets irritated with the rains (honestly, I used to be one of them) due to many valid reasons as well.. but freinds, the problems that we face in the rains are very tiny compared to amount of freshness and happiness this season can give to us... So, i am going to write a few articles in this season about how can we concentrate more on that happiness in rains and enjoy it thoroughly!!! Here we go.....
Two friends (may it be a girl-friend / boy friend or just friends :) ) in monsoon.............

During good rainy days, call up your best friend a night before and tell him/her that can s/he join you the next day to go on a bike-ride to enjoy the rains...? Well if its your good friend then convince/force/blackmail to come along... and tell him/her that you promise it will be fun........
Plan to go on a bike and of course to get wet :) ..... thats all you tell to your friend, rest all is surprise for him.....prepare a couple of cups of strong tea and take it in a flask, a few garma-garam (hot) wada-pav (Now, I dont want to explain it in english as it will loose its charm otherwise..hehe) and take it in a hot-case. Take along a camera/your mobile can also help, ipod/mobile and ear phone to listen to cool songs some other essential things as per your need and force it fit in a back-pack and lets head to the mountains!!!!! At the bottom of this article i will suggest few best places to visit during the monsoon, so don't worry about where to go?....
Now, pray that it rains :) ...while on the way to one of the destinations in the mountains.... you both can listen to good songs on your music instrument or have a good chat.. once you are outside of the city area... you will start enjoying the nature.... because the nature will be at its best during these days... suddenly it will start raining or drizzling so get wet to the fullest.. don't hold yourself... just be safe while driving.... after a drive in the rain of around 30-40 minutes, you identify a good spot amidst the mountain and nature... and then you suggest to halt at one place and open that hot tea flask ... observe your friends happy reactions.. its a pleasant surprise for him/her..sip some tea.. and suddenly then you offer some wada-pav.... another pleasant surprise ... don't forget to capture these moments on your camera...have a good chat over a cup of tea and wada-pav.... You just made your friend feel very happy and enjoyed the rains.....
Now that the monsoon mood is full-on with you both guys... so head further to your destination... enjoy the whole day with the nature, rain, local food and good chat... talk about old good memories...Monsoon is a season which freshen up your mood when you are in the midst of nature.... enjoy monsoon!!
Few of the best places to visit during monsoon near Pune...
1] Malshej Ghat
2] Nilkantheswar
3] Sinhgad Fort
4] Khadakwasala
5] Ananda Valley
6] Splendour country
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